Went looking for something that wasn’t there


Object’s brain’s a black carafe with black liquid in the base of it where my bleaker self glimmers ‘n’ where we’re bottoming out, bae, my name a clutch of typos a flute of flat champagne a biz-class seat reclining so far I’m cancelled credit cut-up, dreaming so wet I’d make his black t-shirt blacker. Hey Fantasy City, hey Baby, Blue Eyes. Hey girl hey honey hey chupacabra caliente. Come on in, the water’s perfect. Don’t rock the yacht, I’m yelling. Don’t you know there’s literally nothing?

— Sneak peek of something new for Highway Mag

alexander wang


The Ex-Majlis Building in Tehran by Heydar Gholi Khan Ghiaï-Chamlou in 1955. The project depends heavily on principles of Islamic geometry and combines them with varied textures, materials, and dimensions. Long, exaggerated lines are used on the exterior façades, echoing the Futurist Manifesto. The brise-soleil recalls traditional Middle Eastern screens that filter light and delineate ornate patterns cast in shadows upon three dimensional surfaces. The dome of the building was inspired by the architect’s family crest. It was one of the first major modernist projects in Tehran and was considered the greatest advance in Iranian architecture at the time. Rather than borrowing from the west, it evolved the traditional forms already found in the vernacular architectural vocabulary of the region.  

(via architectureofdoom)

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